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Hi, my name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairbairn and the online model team. And I’m here to bring you this fantastic Instagram course ‘Find Your Competitors on Instagram and reverse engineer them.’


The first thing you need to do is to list out all your competitors. If you don’t know who they are, just go to Google and type in key words related to your niche and down who shows up. You can also find all your competitors using the similar site research on Google to find online stores that are related to these competitors. Make a big list, once you have this list go and search for them on Instagram.  Are they all there, do they have accounts? Once you’ve got this massive list of competitors, note this down as well.

Now, you have a huge list of competitors; study your competitors Instagram accounts. Once you have the massive list of direct URL on INSTAGRAM of your competitors then study them very closely. Take note of the content they put out, the quality of this content, what type of content do they keep publishing over and over again. I’m not saying they’re publishing the exact same content over and over again just the same sort of things note this down.  Pay attention to what hash-tags they’re using as well.


At this point you should be aware that some of your competitor’s content gets a lot more love from Instagram than others. By this I mean the likes, the comments and other engagement and don’t worry about anything else. Figure out which of their content gets the most attraction and note down the hash-tags they use and what videos and pics that are most popular.

Once you’ve listed your competitor’s most successful content spend time figuring them out. Is there a pattern, is there something in there that they’re doing again and again. Also pay attention to the description text for these items. There might be a clue in there as to how they’re wording everything. After you’ve studied these elements; pay attention to the profile page of your competitor and also the text in the pictures or the call to action mentioned in the videos. Look at their sales funnel strategy;

  • Are they offering discount codes?
  • Are they trying to get people to their profile URL or somewhere else?
  • How are they converting that traffic to their site into paying customers?
  • Do they dump people straight into a squeeze page so people can sign up to a mailing list and then they’ll notify them a special sales maybe?

Find their sales funnel and then look over it and the fact that you see a lot means it must work they won’t bother otherwise. They wouldn’t use this model if it wasn’t something that wasn’t helping them in a business.


At this level you need to write down extensive notes regarding the three key factors for your success. Your goal is to understand their content and beat them in their own game. You’re going to copy their themes. Now, these are just the themes and they’re going to use these over and over. And if they’re using them over and over then you can note this down and you know they’re working for them.

Next, you are going to copy their sales funnel. You don’t need to rewrite the book on this; you don’t need to rewrite something brand new from the start. You’re going to take their sales funnel and you are going to improve on it. You just need to identify what works and build something similar, but make it bigger and better than your competitors.

Pay attention to content and come out with better stuff. You can look at their content and their themes and the type of things they are putting out there and what’s getting the most likes and love. And then you can make yours bigger and better.

You’re doing this because if you just do exactly the same, you’re sharing the same general stuff then this doesn’t help you. These are the three things you need to put together for you to come out ahead of the competition on Instagram. Like I said you’re not putting out the same stuff, but why?

Well, the key here is to copy the same themes in the same sales funnels, but also to improve on them. Otherwise you’re not building a persona you’re just following the herd and people will just go elsewhere because they’ve got many of the same looking people to choose from. But how do you make this better?

Well, you’re going to be able to do this when you figure out they’re winning content themes and then you come up with even better higher quality content based on this.

Build on the strength of the competition, but address their weaknesses. The bottom line here is pretty straightforward, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, but if you can build on the strength of what they’ve done you can look at their content, the sales funnels and the most popular hash-tags and use them as your own then you’ll get a massive head-start. Some of your competitors are already really successful so use that as leverage don’t start from scratch, save time, effort and energy and use them to your advantage.

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