The Money Is In The List

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June 7, 2021

Email Marketing

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I hear lots of things about the latest way to generate income, from some new way that only works for a short time or paid ads (which believe me are a great way but are very expensive)

But none works better than email marketing. This is still my number one way to get the best return.

The saying "the money is in the list" could not be truer

25% Open and 10% Click On Cold Traffic

Here are my recomendations...

Active Campaign

Absolutely my go to email system. I have been with Active Campaign for over eight years and they offer the best inboxing I have found. 

The one thing I love about them is their automations you can set up very complex automations that are great for engagement and making sure that. Their automation system is not only one of the most powerful out there but also extremely easy to use.

They also have a add on called conversations which you can see in action at the bottom of this page on the right. This is a auto chat tool that adds a subscriber direct to your list and to a automation if you want.

Pricing starts at $9 per month for 500 contacts and their lite version.

Self Hosted

For this I use third party SMTP's which can be very good and also save you money but what you save in costs you lose in features. Also with SMTP's they do take a bit more work to get warm. I use quite a long follow up when breaking in a new smtp service.

Here are the one's I use and their costs:

Sendgrid. You can start for free with sendgrid and send 100 emails per day. I use sendgrid for all my transactional emails such as access details, invoices and forgot passwords. If you want to send a 100,000 emails the price goes up to $14.95. They have very good inboxing.

Mailgun. A great system to use. I use this for all marketing messages. They have some great analytics and their support is very fast if you have any issues. With their system you can send 5000 free emails per month for the first three months then its just pay as you go. Then its $80 for 100,000 emails.

If You Do eCommerce

And you use Shopify then looks at their in built email system as the inboxing on that is amazing and you just pay for what you send. You get the first 2500 free for the first month then to send out 3000 will cost $3. Which may sound quite a lot but because they are customers of your store and have already purchased the EPC is huge.

And you can see from just sending a small list what a difference that is can make.

I have a free email course that I put together, just some small tips and tricks on how I use email in my everyday business. Plus I have also added some email giveaway's that you can use personally to increase your knowledge or you can use them to resell as they come with full reseller rights.

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