February 25



By Richard Fairbairn

February 25, 2019

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Hi, my name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairbairn and the Online Success Model Team. Here’s another video in our YouTube traffic course; ‘Commenting on Other Channels Videos.’

If you really want to hustle you should comment on as many related videos as you can. To find related videos, just search for whatever your niche topic is and then go through the different videos and look for the comments. It’s always best to read and actually know what the video is about and then put a decent comment that shows that you actually understood it. When you comment on other YouTube videos that YouTube might notice you and may even subscribe to your channel because everything you do will be linked through just here. The more you comment the more the channel owners will notice you and the more likely they’ll want to collaborate with you when you do contact them.

Remember you want to join in and show your part of the community so that they can see that you’re serious YouTuber not just someone trying to fish for subscribers. Now, certain percentages of the audience of the videos you’re commenting on will probably also click on your profile pic and check out your videos and your channel. A quick tip is that people are more likely to click on your profile pic if it’s eye catching or if it’s a profile picture of your face looking out at them. People like to see people.

Having a nice profile pic can make people want to go to your channel when they see it in the comments section. If you don’t put a profile pic up then you’re just going get lost in the noise. When you’re doing comments though don’t blatantly promote your channel. This isn’t about trying to just get your channel in front of people. Like I say watch the video and give a comment that shows that you’ve actually paid attention.

Make good quality comments in a much more like to stick out to people. And the thing is you never really know which comments are going to get popular and get lots of views, but every single comment has a chance for them to click back to your profile, to your channel and to subscribe and view your videos. So, make sure you put that effort in that they’ll get noticed and they’ll get picked out.

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