April 6


DFY Suite 20 Preview

By Richard Fairbairn

April 6, 2020

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Win Our Next Bonus PLUS Join Our Seven Figure OSM Mastermind


This was going to be a $1997 cost for 2020 but due to the circumstances and issues in the world we are making this part of our bonus going forward. Here is what is included.

  • A weekly live call where we cover what is working.
  • Weekly recorded videos 
  • Four one on one 1 hour calls to be used in the first year

Here is just some of what will be covered with the mastermind.

  • How to make profitable affiliate campaigns.
  • How to build and enagage your list. 
  • Making all my bonuses work for you setting them up and using.
  • Creating a product of your own.
  • Maximising funnels and follow ups.
  • Building a hub.
  • And much much more

To access this all you need to do is buy two bonuses from me per month and you will get access to this saving you $1997. This is only available for a limited time and when I get 100 users I will have to close this off. I want to give back to my valued subscribers who have helped and supported me.


I wanted to put something special in place going forward with the issues in the world. I do 3-5 affiliate promotions per month and create amazing bonus packs. But I wanted to give back to my subscribers who are buying from me regular.

If you purchase two of my bonus packs in any given month for the foreseeable future then you will get all my bonus packs for that month. So buy two affiliate products through me and get those two bonus packs plus another 1-3 completelly free.

Plus don't forget you also get the OSM Seven Figure Mastermind as well


You can win a copy of DFY Suite 2.0 plus our huge bonus pack to go with this amazing promotion. All you need to is comment on our YouTube video and I will pick a winner who will receive both the DFY Suite 2.0 and our bonus pack.



Claim DFY Suite and you will also get DFY Suite Agency along side as well. With DFY Suite you have all the tools you need to syndicate amazing content with one of the most powerful syndication tools available.

With our amazing add ons we have created the ultimate agency suite.

Use DFY Suite with your clients accounts as well and help them get the best engagement with their social media.

Plus we give you extra training and five extra tools complete with agency rights as well and a complete agency training system.

Lock in agency rights to DFY Suite and make that complete with our DFY Agency Suite.

- Social traffic agency
- Improve agency
- Full agency system
- Social agency
- Spytrack agency

Plus full agency course lock this in today as a bonus.

To complement the DFY Suite Agency we are also adding in a complete marketing pack that will help you get clients begging to take you on for your services. 

Included with this we have:

Sales page
Banner pack
Marketing pack

All done by our in-house team and ready to go to build your agency business. Lock this in a bonus today

We have put together our biggest collection of videos and applications that you can use to create your own membership site. In our vault you will get access to content created by our company everything is done by us and unique.

You get access to 220+ videos in the following niches:

> Social media marketing
> Funnel training
> Affiliate marketing
> Video marketing
> WordPress training
> Build eCommerce
> Traffic training
> Build offline
> And much much more

Cost of these are over $2000 but you can use them to create your own membership sites.

Lock this in as a bonus today and start building your own membership site

We have put together our biggest collection of videos and applications that you can use to create your own membership site. In our vault you will get access to content created by our company everything is done by us and unique.

We are giving you 14 apps that you can also add to the membership sites in the following niches:

> Social media
> Membership
> Building traffic
> Automation
> And much more

Cost of these are over $4000 but you can use these to create your own membership sites

Lock this in as a bonus today and start building your own membership site

We are going to create you two generic membership sales pages one for the video courses and one for the app’s. You will get the sales pages and all the graphics ready to go in html edit or use as is.

These are done by our in-house team of designers and the pages are built to convert. Just plug these pages in and you are ready to go.

The cost of these pages formatting is over $500 and you get the two delivered as part of this bonus.

Lock this in as a bonus today and start building your own membership site

Our in house graphics team will design the logo for your new membership site. Give us the name you want it to be and colors and our team will get to work for you. Now this normally costs $99 but we are giving you this as part of the bonus.

Get your own unique design done by our talented team by claiming our bonus. Good design helps you stand out in a very crowded market place.

Lock this in as a bonus today and start building your own membership site

In this bonus you get twenty fully formatted sales pages covering multiple niches that you can edit and use on your sites.

In the package there is 20 pages included…

- Social marketing
- Funnel marketing
- eCommerce
- Traffic building
- Video marketing
- Offline
- And much more

These cost over $3000 to develop and you get full access to those twenty pages to edit and use as your own. Claim this as a bonus today.

Do you want to get more traffic in 2020? Yes of course you do every online business needs more traffic. We’ll not to worry we have you covered we have put together a course on traffic methods for 2020.

It includes 25 videos from basic right to advanced.


- Network
- Solo
- QR codes
- Paid traffic
- Press Releases
- Give away traffic

And much much more. This is perfect for you if you are struggling with traffic. Make sure you lock in this course and take control of your traffic in 2020 with this huge course. Lock this in as a bonus today.

How would you like to resell our new courses all about traffic methods for 2020. You get everything you need to resell this as your own.


- Sales page
- Thank you page
- Videos with reseller license
- Banners
- Graphics

This is perfect for you if your customers are struggling with traffic. Help them take control of your traffic in 2020. Lock this in as a bonus today.

Sell our brand new course as a funnel with our new traffic software. We have build a full funnel around our new course and software. So you get to sell the front end which leads to the pro version of the course then onto the higher ticket traffic software.

You get an instant funnel about a subject that every business online needs more of.

Included with this is…

Front end sales page
Two upsell pages
All thank you pages
Two video courses
Higher ticket software reseller

So do not delay start selling our funnel as your own today this bonus is limited and only available to the first 50 buyers. So lock this in while you can claim our Traffic Overload 2020 Software Funnel bonus.


Please Claim Your Two Reseller Plugin Bundles Includes:

  • Plugins with reseller license
  • Sale page fully formatted
  • All delivery elements
  • All graphics included

5 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate marketing is a business model with huge opportunities for marketers. In this report, you’re going to learn how to tap fully into that potential so that you can start earning BIG while working LITTLE. The term passive income essentially refers to any revenue stream that doesn’t require your constant attention and care.

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Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Offline Riches For Internet Marketers

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