Funnels And Why You Should Be Using Them

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Love them or hate them, funnels are something that you should be using to sell your offers.

But first what is a funnel

So lets look at this more in depth and track how we turn visitors into customers through our funnels.

Website Visitor

Pretty simple this is anyone who is visiting any of your sites, this could be a blog, a social media property or anywhere that gives you the option to take that visitor and turn them into a email subscriber.

How do you turn a visitor into a email subscriber well there are a few different ways to do that.

  1. Offer a free gift for joining your list this could be anything from a free report to access to a course
  2. Ask them to optin to carry on watching a video
  3. Give them a free software download


One thing to mention here try and make the gift or offer you are giving them for free concurrent to the offer you are selling them in the funnel. So don’t give them a gift that is totally different to the end product. Depending on your lead magnet and the quality of the traffic you can see anything from 20% t0 70% optins.


Once the visitor has opted into your funnel they then become a lead. So what is a lead?

Well a lead is a visitor who has opted into the funnel and you have a point of contact for them that can be anything from. Leads are very new to your funnel and have had no real engagement with the product or service you are trying to sell them.

  1. A email address
  2. A phone number
  3. Even a social media handle



So what is the difference between a lead and a prospect as most people think of them as the same but they aren’t. Let me break it down what makes a prospect different to a lead. I track everyone that comes into my funnel using a stats system that tracks the footprint of the visitor which means every email I send them is tracked, if they click on a link they become a prospect, if they view a certain amount of pages or visit multiple times they become a hot prospect.

These visitors are engaging with your content so they are more engaged than just normal leads. I transfer prospects from my lead list to my prospects list.

The more the lead engages with my content or myself then the hotter prospect they become.



Once a prospect purchases a product or service from you they then become a customer, and they are moved from the prospect or lead list to the customer list.





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