How I grew my Pinterest account to 750k monthly views in less than 3 months

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When I first started my Pinterest account I was struggling to get views and engagement on my pins. I am going to give you the tips and tricks I used to scale well over 800k monthly views in 3 months this will generate lots of free organic traffic to your site without prompting your pins and this will increase your sales on your page.


1.Gaining followers within your niche

The first thing I do is check the competition within your niche and follow the people that are following that page. These are potentially your new customers I would also recommend following 50 people a day so you’re not hitting a block on your page.

2.Creating viral infographics

Infographics are a very good way to build up your brand name. These are the pins that get repinned the most. It’s very important to make these stand out from the crowd the 2 main colours I use are red and yellow I’ve tried and tested lots of different colour schemes but this seemed to work the best. The ideal size for infographics is 600 wide and 900 high this size seems to work better than the standard 600 x 600 pins.

3.Manual pinning

Pinning manual takes up a lot of your time compared to using a scheduling tool. But I found when pinning manual the reach is far greater than scheduling your pins. I also pin every day and normally pin 20x a day to keep growing my monthly views it is very good to stay consistent when pinning.

4.Creating boards

When creating boards one of the most important things is to use keywords in your title and your description. Pinterest is a search engine so the best way to see what’s working is to follow your competition and see what they’re using in their title and description this will give you an idea of what they are doing. There are also plenty of tools out there to get keywords.

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