February 13


Instagram Training – Microblogging

By Richard Fairbairn

February 13, 2019

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Hi my name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairbairn and the Online Success Model Team. And here’s another video in our INSTAGRAM course; INSTAGRAM micro-blogging for maximum reach.

Do you know that you could use INSTAGRAM post as micro-blogs that works as backlinks and SEO boosters? That’s right. We’re here to show you what strategies you need to apply in your post to use them as your own optimization boosting platform.


Captions are the descriptions that you can add to your photos or videos on the right to caption field. The first rule about micro-blogging captions is that they have to be descriptive, brief and simple. The idea is to use this brief caption for keywords relevant to your industry. If you need to add a web address or something like that make sure to shorten it with something bitly.


No INSTAGRAM caption would be complete without hash-tags. Hash-tags are labels that help social media users to find specific information relevant to a keyword or string of keywords. We’re going to use hash-tags as the marketing tool and thereโ€™s an advantage. You can add hash-tags to your captions by typing a hash character followed by the word phrase or string of keywords that you intend your leads to target.

You should aim to include about 11 a maximum in your post. This is a powerful way to attract followers because users can find your products or promotions just by typing a particular keyword or by looking for a certain combination of keywords combined as a hash-tag. For example, you could use;




-hash-tags in your caption to make your post appear for people targeting those keywords. A follow recommendation when it comes to hash-tags is to create them in strings of keywords as opposed to single keywords because single keywords can yield too many results.


Tagging others on your posts is a great strategy that will help you reach more followers of the people or businesses that you tag. Simply tap on โ€˜tag peopleโ€™ to look for someone to be featured on your post. This works well because comments, likes and other activities by accounts tagged on your post can be viewed by the people following them.

Each time you tag a user, he or she is notified and this can make them feel special. They can identify with you and in turn they’ll let others know what a great brand you are because you’re engaging with them.


Adding a location to your post by tapping on โ€˜add locationโ€™ and selecting a location on a map is a great way to reach people in very specific locations. Geo-tags will be shown on your post images and shown to the people in that location and people near that location. This will be used as INSTAGRAM recommendations if those users use the search feature to find content.

By applying these micro-blogging strategies in your daily INSTAGRAM posts you’ll see your performance as well as your reach increasing record time.

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