February 12


Instagram Training Pro Version – Advanced IG Marketing

By Richard Fairbairn

February 12, 2019

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Hi, my name is Alex Copeland and I work for Richard Fairbairn and the Online Success Model Team. And this is our video on advanced INSTAGRAM marketing.
In the previous video we’ve shown you what INSTAGRAM advertising is and in this section we’re going to teach you;

1. How to manage your INSTAGRAM insights,

2. How to use INSTAGRAM as a microblogging platform,

3. How to shoot great INSTAGRAM videos,

4. How to snap great INSTAGRAM photos,

5. Some advanced INSTAGRAM marketing advice from the experts

6. How to use a direct feature for killer engagement.


This is the built-in tool that you can use to analyse your performance and behaviour of your followers. Accessing the insights is simple; just tap on the profile icon on the lower right side of the screen then go to the upper right corner on your device’s screen and tap menu then tap the graph-like icon. Welcome to your analytics section; here is where you’ll be able to see how well you’re performing in your marketing efforts. You can review in detail metrics such as number of followers’ views and others.

Let’s start checking out the sections from top to bottom, left to right. As you can see, below your profile icon, you have three metrics. These are activity, content and audience. Now these metrics are based on your activity for the last 7 days which is important to know because it allows you to see how you are engaging people in relation to the number of posts you published during the span of a week.

So let’s check the activity; here you can see you’ve got interactions, discovery, reach and impressions.

Next you have content; this shows you how many posts you’ve done this week and what’s happening with them and how many you’ve promoted.

Finally, you have audience; inside the audience section you can see how many followers you’ve got. How they’ve gone up or down, what locations you’ve got according to cities and countries and the age range and gender. Then you can also see what sort of hours and days you’re most likely to get your followers on.


If you go back to your profile and click on promotions you can also see what sort of promotions you’ve been doing and how they’ve been performing. It’s recommended that you come back here on a daily basis to this section to see how your INSTAGRAM marketing efforts are going so you can make the appropriate adjustments to better optimize your campaigns.

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