February 4


Instagram Training Pro Version – Instagram Facts

By Richard Fairbairn

February 4, 2019

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Hi my name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairbairn and the Online Success Model. And welcome to this video on shocking INSTAGRAM marketing facts to consider.

As popular as INSTAGRAM is for users, as a platform for both personal use and for doing business there is a lot of stuff that is under most marketers’ radar. Here are some of the most inspiring INSTAGRAM marketing facts that you should consider when creating your own profit generating campaigns;

Over 700,000,000 people use INSTAGRAM on a monthly basis and 400 million of those are active on a daily basis, making it one of the largest online audiences that any business can aspire to reach.

INSTAGRAM posts earned 58 times more engagement than a Facebook post.

And 128 times more engagement than a Twitter post. Meaning it’s a must have in your social networks.

INSTAGRAM users share an average of 95,000,000 photos and videos on a daily basis with even more expected growth in the coming years. Amazing.

60% of INSTAGRAM users have said that they have learned about a new product or service and thanks to a post on the platform.

And 80% of INSTAGRAM users are from outside the United States. This is huge and it’s a big opportunity for businesses to reach a global audience.

31% of American women are also using INSTAGRAM and this outnumbers 24% of American men. This is great news if you’re targeting a younger female demographic.

A massive 48% of U.S. based brands use INSTAGRAM for marketing purposes and that is only expected to grow and grow.

75% of INSTAGRAM users take action after seeing a promoted post. This means by being on INSTAGRAM as a business you’ve got a higher chance of converting visitors to customers mostly due to the fact that buying something like a pair of sunglasses is a much easier decision to make for potential customers after they’ve seen a beautiful picture of them. And obviously INSTAGRAM is ideal for showing this.

Brands with INSTAGRAM accounts surpassing the 100,000 follower mark have grown a whopping 163% in just two years.

You really do need to take advantage of what you’re going to learn in this video training to make those numbers grow for you as well.

Why is it so successful?

The secret behind why INSTAGRAM is so successful for marketing could be explained with a little bit of science. The thing is INSTAGRAM has devised a platform that allows its users to process content 60,000 times faster through image posts than compared to something like a basic text ad. It also means that people remember 80% of your marketing message in your INSTAGRAM promoted posts compared to much lower percentages elsewhere.


A quick tip for you is hash-tags and there is a very specific set of hash-tags that are determined to be the best for marketing campaigns on INSTAGRAM; meaning you’ll get found. These include #contestalert, #sweepstakes, #giveaway, #discount, #travel, #deal and #small biz. By using these you can get found on the platform easier.

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