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Youtube Training – Explode Your Channel

By Richard Fairbairn

February 1, 2019

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Hi, my name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairburn and the Online Success Model Team. And here’s our last video in our YouTube traffic course; ‘Some Other Quick Tips.’

One of the main things that people see in YouTube when they’re searching is the thumbnail. When they get the search results it shows a thumbnail of what the video is. So, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have something that catches people’s eyes. But how do you create these?

Well by far the easiest and best way is with a free site called ‘www.canvas.com.’ It gives you everything you need to make things thumbnails. It even gives you the correct sizes and all the elements you’ll need. All you need to do is sign up at www.canvas.com and search for YouTube thumbnail. This means you’ve got the correct dimensions and you also get free thumbnails that you can use to edit and change to your heart’s content. A great tip is to brand this so that it looks like yours all the time you can see your eyes pop out when people search for stuff in YouTube.

Another great tip is to make sure that you create good content as that’s what makes videos go viral. Now don’t worry if you’re not sure what great content is yet, just keep making videos because you will get better. But what you want to do is create more and more stuff so that you get used to it and eventually you’ll get better and better until it gets to the point where it comes as second nature. You should also optimize your home page.

Now, when you create a channel you can edit it with things like;

  • A channel trailer
  • Featured channels
  • Featured videos and
  • Playlists

Have a mess around with this and see what works best for you. You can add graphics to the top to make sure that is eye catching and you can add all of your different social channels as well. All of this helps it to stand out from people that haven’t bothered. You could email and text your subscribers.

One way to build an email list is actually on YouTube itself. Put your link inside your video description where they can sign up for some sort of freebie or maybe to be put onto some sort of newsletter. Now, once you have these people on your list you can then tell them when there’s a new video is up. You can also create email list outside of YouTube and then use that to drive people to your channel to subscribe.

You can put links to other videos in your video descriptions. By doing this you create kind of a video wheel where people see what’s in your video, they like it and they click on another one of your video links, they watch that and so on. This builds up your view time and your amount of views on your entire channel. This is great because this helps in the SEO as well.


Don’t forget good old physical promotion. Word of mouth, business cards things like that. By promoting an offline you can get people online to go to your YouTube channel. People forget about this in this day and age of digital marketing, but there are still many people that don’t just go on YouTube for the sake of it. You need to let them know you’re there.


By having your own Website or blog and embedding on videos on there or even putting links to watch your YouTube channel, you’re going to get a lot more views. All you need to do is make a post based on something you’ve got and embed on YouTube video into it. This will drive lots of traffic and also build your blog at the same time.

Another great tip is to look for videos with lots of views and make videos on similar topics. Now, maybe you’re in the Internet marketing niche in which case you can see what people’s videos are getting lots of views based on the reviews and things like that and you can make something similar. Likewise, you can use the search technique that we used in a different video to find related topics and headlines to base your videos on.

You could also put pictures on Google Maps. When you visit somewhere, you can put a picture up that people will view this picture and you can put a link to your YouTube channel inside of it. You’d be surprised how much traffic comes through Google Maps and the images and reviews they do.

One of these tips combined can lead to a massive influx of traffic from somewhere other than just your YouTube channel. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this course on behalf of myself, Alex Copeland, Richard Fairbairn and the Online Success Model Team, thank you for taking the time out to watch these videos. 

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