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Hi, my name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairbairn and the Online Success Model Team. This video is about ‘The Powerful Phases of A Funnel’

Now do you understand pre framing? I’m going to guide you through the phases of a funnel.

Determine Traffic Temperature

You have to examine the mind-set of the traffic before reaches your site. Now, the way we turn this is by ‘Traffic Temperature.’ You may not pay attention to this before, but it’s important to note that there’re three main levels of traffic as far as temperature goes that come to your website. This is;

  • Hot Traffic
  • Warm Traffic or
  • Cold Traffic

But what does this mean?


Hot traffic is made up of people who already know who you are. These people may be ones that subscribe to your podcast, read your blog and they’re on your mailing list already. Now, when you talk to these people you can treat them like your friends because they already have an established relationship with you. You can use personality driven communication, you can share with them some of your personal stories experiences and opinions.


The warm traffic, these are the people who don’t know you personally, but have a relationship maybe with someone you do know or they’ve heard of you. This is why joint venture partnerships work well. With this traffic you need credibility from someone they do know so that people who don’t know you totally will trust you and feel more comfortable when checking out your offers. By using the power of testimonials and JV relationships with people they do know this will mean they trust you as well.


This is made up of people who have no idea who you are. They don’t know you at all, they don’t know where you came from and they don’t know what you offer.  And they don’t know whether they can trust you yet. This might be people who find you on Facebook or maybe they stumble across your blog post or articles, they are totally unknown to you at this point.

Now, the most important thing to keep in mind with traffic temperature is that each one needs a different pre frame. One of the most important concepts you can ever learn that will boost your sales opt-in rate and effectiveness of your traffic and lean generation is called ‘The Pre frame Bridge.’

Set Up the Pre Frame Bridge

Once you’ve figure out your traffic temperature all you have to do is set up the right Pre Frame Bridge. The frame of mind that people are in before they visit your capture page plays a huge difference in your conversion rates. So, let’s have a look at the different bridges you can do.

A Hot Traffic Bridge

The hot traffic bridge is the simplest of the three. You don’t have to do much because you already have an established relationship with these people so you don’t have to do a lot of pre framing or credibility building. You could probably just write a blog post or send a quick email link to your landing page. These people already trust you, they already know who you are so they will listen and do as you say.

A Warm Traffic Bridge

This is made up of people that know all of you or know of someone that knows you so you need to put in just a little bit more work than the hot traffic. With this one what you need is a little known of endorsement from a person they trust such as a personal email or maybe a JV partner that pretty knows something about you.  You can do this via e-mail, video and all sorts of ways. Basically you’re using the reputation of someone else to introduce you.

A Cold Traffic Bridge

This will take the longest, but this is where a little trick comes into play. I’m sure many businesses out there are losing these kinds of customers because they just don’t know how to convert cold traffic. Now, first of all what you need to know is it is totally different from hot traffic. You need a totally different pre frame. You can’t just send them ad or an email and direct them straight to your landing page.

Cold traffic people have no idea who you are why should they do what you say. So for people who know very little about you, you have to build credibility and trust and you often need a whole separate page they go through before they get to the landing page. This separate page is another type of bridge page, another pre frame and it should be able to provide value, educate and also enable them to better appreciate the offer.

Now, when it comes to cold traffic you want to make them convert as you don’t want them to stay cold traffic forever. So put in the effort to put the right pre frame in place so that you can convert the right sort of traffic. Now I’m going to list a few ways to pre frame; you could do it through:

  • Qualify your subscribers

Now, this is usually done through squeeze or an opt-in page that offers something with value in exchange for their contact information. People do not want to waste time or money on things that demonstrate no value so make sure it’s valuable. It’s important you put some effort in when creating the opt-in or the squeeze page, after that you can start qualifying buyers.

How You Should Qualify Buyers

You want to find out among all the people who have signed up, who the buyers are after all you know that not all subscribers are potential buyers. You should qualify your buyers immediately after you qualify them as subscribers. Offer them something of value to get them hooked by attracting them using the right bait. Now what you’ve identified who the buyers are, you can market to them differently. You’ve basically got two different types of lists:

  1. Your subscriber list and
  2. Your buyers list.

You can treat each of these lists differently, maybe out into a separate e-mail sequence after you’ve identified the buyers.

Identify Hyperactive Buyers

These are the people in some sort of pain, they’re willing to buy more than one thing at a time to elevate that pain and you must identify these hyperactive buyers, know who they are and treat them differently as you send them through your value ladder.

Age And Ascend The Relationship

By identifying these kinds of buyers your sales will definitely sky rocket. You want to provide value and help people with whatever you offer you want them to see the value of providing so they’ll keep coming back to buy from you again and again.

The goal as we said is to move them up your value ladder to the very top right corner.

Change the Selling Environment

Now, the last thing you need to do to really make this go to another level, it’s to change the selling environment as they move up the ladder you have to change accordingly, you cannot just stay in your comfort zone. There are times when you have to just pick up the phone, sell over that or go to direct mail, even better is to sell through a seminar or a live event where you get to see each other face to face.

You can have the benefits of live feedback and overcome any objections and then don’t be scared because this usually applies to selling high ticket products and there’s a reason, I mean ask yourself would you click the buy button for a $20000.00 product that you saw in a sales letter? Of course you wouldn’t. So when you change the selling environment you can communicate at a different level and the best thing about all this is you get to ascend people up your value ladder and eventually selling them at the very top level.

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