February 6


Instagram Training Pro Version – Posting and Sharing The Right Way

By Richard Fairbairn

February 6, 2019

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Hi, my name is Alex Copeland and I worked with Richard Fairbairn and the Online Success Model Team. And here’s another video in our INSTAGRAM course. This one’s about posting and sharing the right way.

Posting and sharing stuff on INSTAGRAM is fairly easy, but there are several ways to do it. You have to start on your INSTAGRAM feed from where you’ll be able to access all your accounts posting and sharing options. So let’s start with the easiest way to post and share from your account by tapping on the ‘plus’ icon located in the middle of the lowest screen. From here you’ll be able to post from three different sources.

  • By default you’ll be able to post from the gallery which is the media gallery on your device.
  • By tapping on the photo icon you’ll be able to snap a photo that you can post and share straight away.
  • And by tapping on the video icon you’ll be out to shoot a short form of video that you can then post and share your INSTAGRAM following.

Let’s show you how you can create a post and share it with each option.

Default Gallery Option

Let’s start with the default gallery option. In this option you’ll be able to select an image or a video from your device’s media gallery. This is all the stuff that’s already on your device. Images and videos taken from your gallery need to comply with the following requirements;

  1. Images have to ideally be 10 80 by 10 80 resolution otherwise you won’t be able to promote the post if you wanted to.
  2. Videos have to be 15 seconds at the most otherwise they will simply not load.

In our case we’re going to select this first image here for a post. Once you’ve selected your image or video simply tap on the next button in the top right corner in the following section. You’ll be asked to select a filter filled image. Your image will be normal by default but there are a lot of filters to select from if you want to.

Once you’ve had a look at major selection you can tap on the edit link below to add some extra attributes to your image. These attributes have got a ton of different options including orientation, brightness, contrast, colour, saturation, fading, highlights and much more. Once you’ve done everything you want to your image you can tap on the next button above to continue.

Next we get to edit the content of our post. Start out in the right a caption field by entering your post text with corresponding hash-tags. Then you can add a location if you wish by tapping on location and you can also tag other users and accounts by tapping on tag people. A really cool feature of INSTAGRAM is that you’re able to share your post on other social channels as well. Depending on the type of post that you’ve created you can turn on or off the different available social channels and the share too.

Now you’re ready to share. Simply tap the share button located on the top right corner and your new post goes live.

Creating a New Photo post

Let’s skip back and let’s create a new post by going through the ‘plus’ icon on the lower screen and show you how to create a photo post. Start by tapping on the photo then you simply have to tap on the small circle button in the middle to snap a photo to use in your post. Take the picture and on the next screen you’ll be asked to select a filter again. Once you’ve selected this filter tap on the edit link below to edit your image attributes. Play around with it a bit if you wish to and then once you’ve done with that click on the next button.

Now you do the same as before and edit the content of your post. Start in the right of caption field by entering your post text with hash-tags then geo-tag your post by tapping on ‘add location’ and tag other users or accounts by tapping on ‘tag people’.  Now you can share it to other channels as well as INSTAGRAM if you wish.

Video Posting Option

Let’s have a look at the video posting option. Again, you tap the plus icon on the lower screen and then you click on the video icon. To share a video from here you just tap and hold the circle button in the middle. Instead of taking a photo it’s recording. Hold this down until you finish recording or until it reaches the recording limit.

Once it’s finished recording simply tap next, select the filter and then tap on the cover icon to select a thumbnail image from the video that you want to use as a cover then tap next. Again enter your caption, your hash-tags, your location, tag anyone you want to. And then your post can be shared on several social channels including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. This is the same for all types of posts. Once you’ve set everything up here, tap on share. As you can see it’s very easy to do, so go ahead and give it a go.

INSTAGRAM has another feature called stories. So in the next video we’re going to show you what stories are and how to create your own. 

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