February 7


Instagram Training Pro Version – IG Stories Tips And Tricks

By Richard Fairbairn

February 7, 2019

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Hi, my name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairbairn and the Online Success Model Team. And this video is all about INSTAGRAM stories.

INSTAGRAM story is a fascinating feature that allows you to share several moments through a single media reel. It’s a feature that allows you to add several separate photos and videos. These stories are then added to people’s feeds in the stories bar on the top of any feed as you can clearly see here. So you know what they are but how do you create an INSTAGRAM story.

Start by tapping on your profile icon in your field stories and you’ll be taken to your INSTAGRAM editor. There are several options available, but the easiest way to add things to stories from here is by tapping on the square button located in the top of the screen.

In this next section you will be able to individually select your most recent files so that you can add them to your stories including your images and videos. In our case we are going to select one of the most recent pictures taken from our account. Once you’ve selected the photo or video you’ll be able to edit by using the buttons available in the top right corner. With these buttons you can add nice effects such as emojis amongst other effects and text.

Once you’ve done editing your image or video simply tap on ‘your story’. Now you can check your story by tapping on your profile icon in stories bar and there it is. This is how others will see your story on their feeds. You can always add multiple images and videos to the story in order to make it more dynamic. And that’s how easy stories are, but they look really cool.

How do you market these posts?

Because it’s amazing as INSTAGRAM organic reach is, you should always make space for some paid advertising in your marketing campaigns. In the next video we’ll show you what INSTAGRAM advertising is all about.

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