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This is my secret weapon when it comes to INSTAGRAM. Make no mistake, if you follow all the steps above and you use the multi-page strategy to build up your mailing list, you will achieve some level of success. However, if you want to turbocharge your results you need to deploy Facebook Ad retargeting system. So how does Ad retargeting actually work?

Well, when you retarget Ad using Facebook, you’ll first have to install Facebook’s pixel on your website. You’ll then go about promoting on Facebook and INSTAGRAM and the pixel keep track of where they land. Now, that the system knows which INSTAGRAM or Facebook users ended up on your site, you can take out retargeting Ad.

This could promote all sorts of things like a deeper page or even your mailing list or conversion page directly. The thing is when they go back to Facebook and INSTAGRAM they’re going to see your Ads and go to wherever it is you’re placing them. This is like shooting fish in a barrel; you can direct them to a sales page or any other piece of content.

Regardless of how you do retargeting works. The bottom line is you’re using content to draw truly interested people further into the funnel. In fact it’s been known to boost conversions by as much as 40%.

Now, you want to set this up in such a way that you only target those that went past the initial content because otherwise they’re not deep enough into the funnel of content to actually be really warmed up.

Let’s put this into context. For example; let’s say you run a free INSTAGRAM marketing campaign, you put some content out there and people click through to a profile page and they see this great content. Your Facebook pixel would know that they saw this. However, this isn’t when you’re going to retarget them.

When they click through because they like your particular solution and they want to know more about it they end up on the solutions page so further into your content funnel. This might be a sales page or another guide on something a little bit more specific. Whatever the case may be they’ve gotten deeper into the guts of your website and these are the ones to retarget because they’ve expressed some real interest.

People who are just curiosity seekers would just end up on the shallow page, on those first pages of the content. They would begin there and there. These are the ones clicking around and more likely to convert and these are the ones that we use in our retargeting campaigns.

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