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Digital Marketing For Conversions

Hi, my name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairbairn and the Online Success Model Team. And here’s another video in our Twitter Marketing Course; Digital Marketing for Conversions.

What Is My Conversion? 

This is the first question you should ask when undertaking any form of Digital Marketing.

Conversion is when a reader or customer, a member of your audience and whatever you want to call them, performs any action that you think is beneficial for your business or whatever it is you’re working towards. When asked this question most people respond well, that’s easy, I want to make some sales.

And although this isn’t a bad answer, it’s not quite right. The whole point of digital marketing is after all to generate profit, but Social Media Marketing is not about shoving your products down your audience’s throat. If you treat Twitter as a billboard, people will choose to unfollow and you’ll find yourself just being a spammer in their eyes.

There are a lot of social platforms out there and on every single one you have to be sociable. You need to have

  • Sociable Conversions
  • Common Conversions on Twitter
  • ReTweets
  • Leaving likes
  • Directing a lead to your website or commenting

And you might think that is the most obvious list you’ve ever heard and if you do that’s great because it shows that you know a bit about this kind of marketing.  So, now that you understand a bit of how you can use Twitter to market your brand or really anything, it’s time to look at some of the most common mistakes that marketers make.

You know what you want your audience to do. The next question is how do you get them to do it?  Let me show you an example of something; go to this site;

Now, the pictures are nice, you might even say it’s quite well designed with all the blocks, but this site a digital marketing failure. You can literally spend days just clicking on pictures, buts what’s the purpose.  What does this site want us to do? There is no way of knowing. Click on things is a great resource to see what not to do. Imagine these pictures on your tweets one after another, page after page that’s what you’re trying to avoid.


A retweet is simply a reposed of another Twitter user’s tweet on their own profile and then this gets shown to their followers. Now, these are community driven and the aim of it is to make the service better and spread discussions easier. As you can see from the simple graph it shows that the word please is used an awful lot in retweet, but why are so many people saying please?

Well, it’s simple we say please when we ask for something that’s exactly what’s happening here. Whether they know or not these tweeter users are marketing for conversions. They’re asking people to please retweet. This is known as a call to action and you need to consider your call to action on every tweet, upload a picture or piece of content. If you intend people to see it, then you need to tell them what to do not like

The good news is that Twitter is the most that work for you. Your audience is within the easy way to reach the buttons to comment, follow and re-tweet your posts. You just have to ask them.

Take a look at the most re-tweetable words and phrases. By using some of these in your tweets you’ll get a much bigger pick up on retweets and get shared across the networks.

Now, our call to action could be anything as long as it aligns with the conversion. Here are some examples for you;

You could use questions for example;

  • What do you think about new line of clothing?
  • Follow this person
  • Like this if you…
  • Comment if you…
  • Download my email
  • Check out my site
  • Follow me
  • Order your free sample

Twitter’s data shows that tweeter’s ask for a follow increased responses by 258%. People love to participate and if you show them something they like and asked them to retweet it. Chances are they will.

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