July 30


Url shortener offer

By Richard Fairbairn

July 30, 2018

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Here are the benefits you will receive when you get full partner status:

300 partners will share a 30% stake between them. Each person will receive 0.1%

Your banner will be displayed in our app area. One spot for partners you will get to be able to add one banner and that will be rotated.

You will get access to the enterprise level for free.

When the app payment level gets released you will get a percentage share of the profits each month paid to Paypal.

Here is what you need to get full partner status:

Login start using the app.

Get 500 clicks unique on shared links.

Participate in feedback. Tell us what is needed to be added to the app.

Start sharing the url via our partner referral section you only need to refer 200 to qualify for partner status.

As soon as you hit the above please email us and we will set you up with partner status and look forward to welcoming you onboard

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