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By Richard Fairbairn

February 25, 2019

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My name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairbairn and the Online Success Model Team. Here’s another video in our YouTube traffic course.

Another site that could be classed as social is called Reddit. The amount of traffic that this gets is huge especially the front page. If you were able to get some content on this front page here then you would get a huge amount of traffic, but it is quite difficult to get there. Here are some tips on how to actually get your stuff on to Reddit, how to get used to it and hopefully get yourself on the front page.

So what exactly is Reddit?

It’s a place where people can post all types of content. They can post images, jokes, videos, content and you name it they can post. The way it works is people up vote this content and the more up votes they get the higher it shows on the page. If they get enough up votes then they end up on the front page. So it’s all about popularity and therefore more popular equals more traffic.

As I said the front page is very difficult to get onto, so I would suggest that you focus on Sub-Reddit. Sub-Reddit is a very much like a niche, like a sub niche. There are lots of them and there’s pretty much everything covered. But how do you find out what sub niche you should be in for what you’re doing. Luckily they put them into different links at the top of the page. You can just click through these and see what there is. Let’s try that now.

Let’s go to sports then we can see what’s in there. As you can see we’ve now got US sports, World Sports and Recreation. Let’s go to golf. This is a Sub-Reddit and it’s not the front page but it’s still got people up voting things to do with golf. And now if we wanted to do something we could submit a link or submit text. There are so many of these you can search around and find and see what suits whatever you’re doing content wise.

The thing is people that uses Reddit don’t really like being sold to; they don’t like being marketed to. So don’t make it obvious that you’re selling things or they’ll cut you out on it and it just won’t look good. In fact before you start posting things like channel links you should post and add value so people can see that you’re actually giving something to the community.

Not only that but it means you’ll get used to the site. You should always read the guidelines for each Reddit or Sub-Reddit because they do change from time to time. Make sure you’re not going against their rules and then post relevant content so that people get to know that you’re actually helping out. Once you’ve done that you can then start putting stuff that points towards your YouTube channel and hopefully a lot of traffic and a lot of new subs.

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