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By Richard Fairbairn

February 25, 2019

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Hi, my name is Alex Copeland and I worked with Richard Fairbairn and the Online Success Model Team. This video in our YouTube traffic course is all about social media and to use social media to boost your videos as well and to boost your channel. There are quite a few social platforms out there, but I’m going to concentrate on just two.


With Facebook, it is a little bit different because you don’t want to post your videos on Facebook directly, you don’t want to use your YouTube URL because it doesn’t really like it when you put other links on that. You can do this, it’s not a problem but you won’t get as much traffic. The best way to do it is to actually upload your videos to Facebook itself and then just have a link go into your YouTube channel. This way you can tell viewers of your videos to subscribe or take some other form of action you’ll get seen more by Facebook because you are uploading the video to them and they will get to know your content.

To start with you could create a Facebook fan page and then you could use your personal Facebook account to promote your Facebook fan page and your YouTube channel. It is a little bit difficult to use Facebook to promote your YouTube channel because of what I said before. But rather you stayed on Facebook and didn’t try to pull people away. However it’s definitely something you should use in your marketing campaigns when it comes to actually trying to get people to your channel and to subscribe for you.


Instagram is a very visual platform so therefore it’s great for things like YouTube videos. You can use Instagram as a kind of branding tool. Don’t just promote your videos, but promote yourself and your brand as well. It’s very easy to do this and you can upload things and put your URL into Instagram and get people to follow through and go to your own YouTube channel, therefore boosting your views and boosting your subscribers. Combining Instagram, Facebook and YouTube altogether you’ll have an amazing way to get people to get to your channel.

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