January 23


603 Organic Visitors in 4 Days 5 Conversions

By Richard Fairbairn

January 23, 2019

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Today I wanted to share with you how we have been building organic traffic from one of the most overlooked social media sites online, Pinterest.

Here are some of the facts that you probably didn’t know about Pinterest.

40% of Pinterest user’s have a household income of above $100,000, which means lot’s of Pinterest users have the ability to spend and they are not afraid to do so.

Pinterest is fourth behind Youtube, Facebook and Instagram and 29% of Americans use Pinterest. But more than half new Pinterest users are international and are males. So the demographics on Pinterest are changing.

Now, look at the stats from some of our recent pins.

The secret to creating a good amount of organic traffic is using multiple pins when you start adding multiple pins daily then you will start to see a good constant stream of organic traffic building up.


This is a step by step guide to show you how we generate 100’s of clicks every day back to our blog page from Pinterest using a platform called tailwind this is a very simple tool to use and can be implemented into any Pinterest account to help you grow.

If you are ready to learn more about this amazing Pinterest marketing tool let me take you step by step inside this platform and how it can help you generate clicks and sales and save hours and hours of your time.

The first step is to set up your tailwind account and There’s no time limit! You can schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest, and 30 posts on Instagram for free before deciding if a paid plan is right for you. No payment details needed!  and then just connect your Pinterest account. The key to a successful Pinterest account is being consistent with your pins and with tailwind, they have an amazing scheduling tool inside the platform to keep your account filled with bright and vibrant pins every day without going back and forth to publish your pins through Pinterest this stops you wasting your valuable time. With the scheduling tool, you can see what are the best times for you to schedule your pins this way you are getting the full potential out of your pins and getting more and more engagement than just posting via Pinterest.

On How To Schedule Your Pins

Firstly you want to go to the sidebar and click publisher and go to the part that says drafts. Once you have uploaded your pin choose which board you would like it to go to and fill in the description and enter the url destination.

The clock icon is your scheduling part, Just click the icon and set what time and date you would like your pin to be published then click  set custom time and your pin is set to be published. There is also another part to this which is add to queue this will randomly choose a time for you instead of setting a time manually.

One of the other features inside this platform is an amazing tool called tribes this is probably the best tool inside Tailwind in my opinion with this you can get incredible engagement and lots of repins from fellow tribe members. If you are in the niche of healthy eating, you can go into tribes and search for healthy food, healthy food recipes and join their tribe, I try to find to the tribes with the most members in so your pins have a bigger reach and receive more engagement. I use this tool every day for my business and have seen it grow tremendous in the last 8 week.

On How To Publish Pins Onto Your Tribes.

The first thing you want to do is create an eye-catching infographic there are lots of tools out there to use to create graphics paid and non paid the best one I have found is canva this platform is free and very easy to use. Once you have created your graphic go to your tribe’s and pick the one you are wanting to publish your pin onto. To submit your content to that tribe just click the sidebar and click drafts and upload your pin. Once your pin is uploaded you will see this on your pin.

Once you’ve clicked the add to tribes you can pick which tribe you would like to add your content to. Once your graphic is on that tribe and you’re wanting to check your engagement on that graphic, Just go to the top of the tribe’s board and click (YOURS) this will show you how many times tribe members have saved your pin.

If you want to see the full analytics of what your content has done on the tribe, On the left-hand side there is a section called tribe overview this will show your full results for re-shares, repins and your reach.

The next section to get the most out of Pinterest is a tool called smart loop this a great way to get your pins a second, third and more chance’s to be found on Pinterest this is great because your content doesn’t get lost and you can get the most out of your pins.


How To Use Smart Loop

First, go to the sidebar and click smart loop once your inside you want to click create loop there are two sections in this part evergreen and seasonal.

Seasonal- Creating separate Seasonal Loops helps you to organize your Pins and easily control how often they loop, which boards they post to, and for what period of time. How you choose to organize your Loops is up to you.

Evergreen- Creating separate Loops helps you organize your Pins to easily control how often they loop and which Boards they should post to. How you choose to organize your Loops is up to you.

Once you’ve chosen which section is best for you just start adding your favorite pins to the loop and this will automatically re pin these to your board to get the most out of your content.

There are a few other parts to tailwind like insights this is accessible in the left-hand sidebar this will show you profile performance, board insights, pin inspector, website insights, organic activity, and referral traffic. This will help you see how fast your account is growing using tailwind.

I have included free a ebook we created that you can give away on Pinterest and I am giving you the pins that I used on Pinterest you can edit them or add them as they are.

Ebook You Can Give Away
Some Of Our Pins

Pinterest Course

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