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Facebook Training – Influencer Page Outreach

By Richard Fairbairn

November 30, 2018

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Hi, my name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairbairn and the online success model team and this is our course on Facebook Marketing; ‘Influencer page outreach.

Influencer page outreach really boils down to creating allies. In your niche you’re sure to have competitors however some of these competitors are open to cooperating with you. Many may not even give you the time or a day and answer you, but there are a few who would see the strategic advantage of teaming up instead of competing against each other. There are also other people on Facebook that have pages that are not competitors with you at all; they may even have a lot of fan.

So here’s the best way to build alliances with influencers on Facebook.

  • Step One: Find Your Competitors

The first thing you need to do is to look at your notes when you reverse engineer your competitors earlier on. These people are in the same niche as you. After all you studied them to get the industry standard content strategy as well as their page layout and design for your own Facebook pages.

Next you should look for non-competitive who specialize in your niche; there should be quite a few things around. These are not people that are selling things or providing services and they’re not competing for the same followers as you but they do cater to the same audience as you do. So try to find as many of these as possible

  • Step Two: Make Sure You’re Engaging

I know this point it’s very tempting to just go to a competitor’s page and post a comment on one of the post and drop a link in there that get them to your page or your website. That sounds easy right? Repeat this over and over.

Well let me tell you if you do this you’re going to get banned ultimately and whatever links you up, they are going to get deleted so it’s a complete waste of time so you shouldn’t even think about it. You should never spam, you should always try and be engaging.

To do this, first you need to share high quality content. It doesn’t matter who wrote this, it doesn’t have to be you and it doesn’t matter where the content goes to or links to but it is important that it provides maximum value to anybody that takes the time to read it. It has to be on point and make sense. It has to deal with a specific theme or topic that you know that this target audience member will be interested in.

The next thing you need to do is engage with people in terms of answering questions their questions. Try to be a facilitator and maybe try to mediate between people. Ultimately you want to try and be the go-to source of information for the niche that you’re in. For example, if people are talking about statistics why not go to Google and find the statistics they’re looking for and share them. Maybe they’re looking for a video of some way to do something, go to YouTube, search for the content and then post it for them. The more you do this the more people will pay attention to what you do. Because let’s face it, in any kind of online group platform there’s only a very few people that actually produce any content at all let alone high quality content.

You could literally count them on the fingers of one hand and everybody else’s basically lynching and just using the content that these few people are sharing. They take and take information and only give from time to time if at all. So be the expert, be that go-to resource.

Another way you can engage is by asking the questions. The question shouldn’t be really basic ones or dumb questions just for the sake of it instead they should be deep insightful questions or at the very least interesting. You can also ask questions to try to tie many issues together. Many people are concerned about many different issues so by doing this you cover a lot of basis at once.

You should also try and get feedback to people’s responses, but do this respectfully. You don’t have to come off as a hater or somebody who is just plain negative all the time. Use constructive feedback and remember the name of the game here is to add value to the places you’re hanging out in.

This means sharing information and enhancing information through proper questions and feedback.

  • Step Three: Become Credible And Then Reach Out

If you do this right at a certain point people will start asking you by name. They start trying to reach out to you via messenger. That’s when you know that you’ve become an asset to these groups and that’s when you know that you’re on people’s radar and a go-to person.

You’re not just this person showing up every once in a while dropping a link and disappearing instead you’re the person that keeps these groups together. This is when you reach out and try to engage with the group admin. Usually the best way to do this is when they engage with you first; maybe they mention your name or write you a message on messenger. Whatever the case maybe try to wait for them to reach out to you first or wait until lots of other community members of reaching out to you before you reach out to them.

But what are you going to reach out to them for? Well there are many different opportunities; you can swap content with your page. Most page admins don’t have a problem with this. You can also offer shout out. What shout out is it where basically the happening of the page that you’re on will tell page fans to check out your page because your page is a friend of the page they run.

You can go through some ideas regarding joint event. Obviously we mean online events not real life events, this can be things like a seminar or like Facebook searching conducted from two locations and it could be an interview.

Another opportunity you could use is guest blogging. You probably don’t need me to remind you of how value partner can be and is not only till you get people to look at your link which can produce direct traffic but you also get a tremendous search engine optimisation benefit if your partner has a high value blog.

You could also reach out for infographics. This means you create an infographic and you give it to the admin to post. They post it with a link back to you. Finally, you can collaborate and create custom content intended for both your audiences.

Whatever way you look it influencer page outreach is a very powerful way of using Facebook and it is absolutely free. Seriously your only investment is your time and what makes it so awesome is the fact that you are leveraging the hard won credibility and authority of your partner. They put in the work, they put in the effort and they’ve developed the rapport and a solid brand with the people that follow them. So when they give you a shout out or you co-host an event with them then they lend you some of their fame which makes you credible. You’re no longer some random stranger who came out of nowhere instead people get the idea in their minds that when somebody they respect and admire recommends a new person then they will give them a chance. Maybe this new person is also worthy of their operation and respect.

Building alliances with influential niche players is definitely worth doing, but do keep in mind that it does take some time to do it properly. However, if you’re really into your niche and you view your Facebook marketing business as a real business then there shouldn’t be a problem for you.

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