January 7


Instagram Training – 10 Best Practices

By Richard Fairbairn

January 7, 2019

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10 Best Practices

Hi, my name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairbairn and the online success model team. And I’m here to bring you this fantastic INSTAGRAM course ‘Best Practices.’

Well, by now you’ve seen an awful lot of tips, but we want to make sure that you focus on the best ones to get the most bangs for your buck using INSTAGRAM. So, here’s a few of the top tips again;

  • Document Your Efforts

Make sure you write down what you are doing. This way you have a written record and you can conduct experiments based on it. By documenting your efforts you can run these experiments and fail quickly. This way you weed out the bad ideas and focus on the best ones that actually give you some results.

  • Focus on Numbers

Don’t go with your gut feeling. There’s an awful lot of stats at your disposal within INSTAGRAM and use them.  Stats and numbers don’t lie and you can use these to see exactly what’s working when it’s best to post and much more.

  • Start with Influencers Using a Slow and Low Strategy

We’ve mentioned this quite a lot in the video that’s focused on this, but it’s so important that we wanted to tell you again. You should contact as many influencers as possible, but pay them a very low rate. The ones that take you up on the offer will weed themselves out very quickly.

How well each, had you run a custom code or discount code or redemption code so you can track it? You’ll see who’s actually making results and then come back to those people, pay them more and scale up your campaign. These accounts will definitely be real and get you the results you want. So, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re paying them to do the shout out.

  • Optimize Using an Elemental Approach

We’ve covered this quite extensively, but again it’s so important we wanted to tell you again. You have to understand that you have to optimize going from element to element. This increases the chance of success hugely and it decreases the chance of repeating the same mistake over and over.

Not only that, but it will increase your Ad campaigns overall effectiveness. Do make sure that you follow these best practices.

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