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Optimise the Funnel

Up to this point, you’ve learned how to build a following on INSTAGRAM and you also know how to create content build that following up. And ultimately take them to your bio which is where your target link is.

When people click your target link they go outside of INSTAGRAM and they go to a page you specify. This could be a consumer guide that qualifies your traffic even more so. It could be some more content, it could be a way to sign-up. There are just so many ways you can go with this.

Ultimately, they want to click on a link that gets them into a squeeze page which when you recruit them with your mailing list then you get more chances to actually contact them. The funnel start with your content on INSTAGRAM and no matter how you’re going to convert them you need to optimize all parts of this funnel. Whatever the case may be you need a very broad top few funnel and each small part of your funnel needs to be as broad as possible. They follow your content and the funnel gets narrower and from here they carry on until they reach your conversion pages. Now, you want it to be broader at the top of your funnel because the more people you have coming into it the more you might convert.

But here comes the bad news; it is one thing say you will optimize and it’s another to do properly. You see the biggest challenge here is random optimization. People change whole parts of their funnel at once, they change whole pages, they change a whole piece of content and they basically do a huge chunk of it and they hope to get better results. And sometimes they succeed, but most of the time they don’t really come up with much of an improvement. Make no mistake; random optimisation is usually a waste of time. Because even on the off chance that they were able to make certain random changes and the funnel converts better you still don’t know why. You are in the dark; you don’t know what part worked. And even if you were able to see which part counts for the difference you don’t know which segment of that part improved your results because you did it all in one file swipe.

But there is a way around this by using elemental optimisation. This is a much better way to do it. Make changes in an element at a time, this way you’ll only move on to the next element once you’ve improved the results of the previous element to a certain degree. When you’re happy with each element only then do you move on to the next.

Please understand that the sales funnel is made up of many different parts and each of these have to be optimized and each has separate elements even within those different parts. The sales funnel of course involves the photos that you use on INSTAGRAM, your profile page, your consumer article or landing page article and then your internal pages.

For this video, I’m only going to focus on the elements that could be found on INSTAGRAM, but you can take the same ideas for all other parts of the funnel which is concentrating on the INSTAGRAM ones for now. Here are the key elements to keep in mind;

  • The profile URL

This is the profile page that you have on INSTAGRAM. In it you can change the picture, the description and you go element by element. This means you can swap out the pictures and until you get a nice improvement.

Once the images have made major a sustainable change you can move on to the text. Then you can do that until it improves and then you move on and so on and so on, element by element.

  • Photos and videos

This should be pretty obvious, but basically post more of the ones that get more clicks. Pay attention to engagement levels and use those types to get even more encouragement on new ones.

  • Hash-tags

Keep switching around hash-tags to see if there is any marked improvement in your click-through rates and your conversions. After you’ve reverse engineer your competitors you should have a good starting point, but don’t stop there keep playing around and keep customizing to see if you could see find one that works for you.

  • Description

This is the text that you post along with your photos or videos. Try posting the same picture, but play around with different descriptions to see what different ones lead to different clicks and see what call to action work the best.

  • Posting Time

If you’re using software to post on INSTAGRAM, take note of when your content is posted. Pay attention to when engagement takes place and try and post those same times.

  • What Should You Look For

When optimizing you should look for the following;

  • Increase click-through rate
  • Increased dwell time
  • Deeper clicks into your website
  • Better conversion rate

Of course, we all know that, at the end of the day conversion is what matters the most. In fact it’s the only thing that really matters because this is what puts dollars into your pocket.

However, to get there you have to increase click-through rates. So keep optimizing everything to get this done. Optimized to increase dwell time and also pay attention to your initial content on your own website to see if you can optimize it so you can get even deeper clicks. These people are even more interested and more likely to convert. The more internal pages they view the more interested they are.

Do this element by element and you can increase conversion rates dramatically.

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