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My name is Alex Copeland and on behalf of Richard Fairbairn and the online success model team I’m here with a fabulous INSTAGRAM training; what INSTAGRAM can do for your business.

So now you know what INSTAGRAM is all about and I’m pretty sure you probably learned some stuff you probably didn’t know about too. Now it’s time to talk business and the benefits of using INSTAGRAM for doing and promoting your business.

Most marketers doing business on INSTAGRAM find it kind of confusing at first. Doing business on somewhere like Facebook for example is pretty much a no brainer. Everybody knows that that platform works and they know how it works. But sites such as INSTAGRAM with that very specific functions and a dedicated set of features can be a bit more difficult to figure out at first. The truth is that for businesses of all sizes from your small mom and pop family owned shops to large corporations, INSTAGRAM is great for driving results from being active. Their secret is knowing how to implement their business practices in the way that the platform works.

It’s not just that performance is also backed up by the numbers so it’s worth learning. 80% of INSTAGRAM users follow a business on the platform. Now, that said it wouldn’t be profitable for those businesses to be on there if it weren’t for the loyal followers. And done properly and engage in business on INSTAGRAM can easily drive and spread awareness of their brands, their products and their services. They can make potential customers interested through visual discovery. They can also get new customers which in turn will increase their conversions. This could be anything from product sales to app downloads or website visits or even visitors to a local store.

INSTAGRAM’s own built in features will allow you to reach these milestones the easy way as long as you put in the effort because INSTAGRAM has been designed with businesses in mind. They allow you to create an INSTAGRAM business account which means companies of all sizes can be recognized with their unique business profile. Once you have this business profile you can use it to gain insight about your followers.

You can promote posts designed to drive business and you’ll give visitors your profile the right info such as your business address and your contact details and that’s all within INSTAGRAM. You can also send full screen outfits to INSTAGRAM stories which is a much friendlier approach to advertising compared to what some other social platforms offer. Not only that, but you can use business tools to get deep marketing insight including the reach, the number of impressions, your replies and all sorts of other stats.

More than anything the visual nature of INSTAGRAM combined with a story driven advertising model means that you’ll be offering an experience that far surpasses the flat and impersonal feeling of marketing campaigns that you might create on other platforms.

INSTAGRAM has many other benefits for businesses that are too often overlooked by marketers. As you go through this training you’re going to become aware that INSTAGRAM is as diverse as diverse can get.

For starters you can repurpose your INSTAGRAM photos on your business website to create cross platform engagement. And if your business has a physical location then you can bet customers of uploading pictures of it on the platform; spreading the word. And even if you don’t have a physical location maybe you only offer your products online. Customers are probably still uploading pictures of those products.

There’s a lot more to say about INSTAGRAM so follow us to the next video for some shocking INSTAGRAM marketing facts that you should know. 


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