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Hi, my name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairbairn and the online success model team. And I’m here to bring you this fantastic INSTAGRAM course.

You don’t have to fail. In this video I want to get your mind right. You need to understand if you’re promoting on INSTAGRAM you will have to focus. Unfortunately a lot of people go into this in a very casual way, they think it’s all about just following a checklist and it will all fall into place for them. But they’re in for a nasty surprise.

You have to approach this with the right mind-set. Follow the tips I’m about to give you and you can properly prepare. You can succeed and you don’t have to fail like your competitors but you do need to go about it in the right way. Follow these and it will make sure you’re not left behind when it comes to INSTAGRAM.


The first thing you need to understand is that you have to believe that this is going to work. You can’t self-sabotage yourself.  There are lots of people that come across money making ideas on the Internet and then just assume it must be a scam; there must be something wrong with it so they never do it. They think it’s too good to be true maybe or some other reason to not give it a go. Yes they’re excited about it but they read and read and they learn and learn and they never actually give it a go as they think it won’t work.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you have to believe that whatever is that you’re doing will succeed or can succeed otherwise it won’t. If you doubt it then this doubt will grow and it will take over and you’ll find yourself unable to put the effort in because you just can’t be bothered.

You need to believe in three things;    

  1. You need to believe this business model would work. You need to put your faith in it and understand it’s here for a reason.
  2. You need to believe that you can make it work. I don’t mean other people; I don’t mean outsourcing it, just you. You need to believe that you can make it work.
  3. You have to believe this is worth committing to. It’s easy to put in a ton of work at the start of something and then give up and hope that was enough to make it through but it just doesn’t work like that.

Real businesses are like marriages, they’re a long term commitment. It’s about showing up and doing the work consistently. You can’t just do that quick burst of work and think it’s going to get you through. If you use these three tips you’ll increase your chance of success dramatically.


Logistically speaking, you have to schedule a fixed amount of time for your INSTAGRAM marketing efforts. The good news is it doesn’t have to be loads; it doesn’t have to be half of your day or 3 days a week. It could be less than an hour as long as you regularly do it you will see results no matter how small the time slot.

How come? Well, if you know that you’ve only got say 15 minutes to focus on marketing, you get very focused, you try and fit as much energy can and as long as you’re consistent and you keep on turning up even if it is for only 15 minutes a day to do your INSTAGRAM marketing then you get better at it and then you can fit more into the same time slot.


The bottom line in this is simple. You have to be consistent even if that is only 15 minutes a day. That’s plenty as long as you are consistent. The key here is the fact that you will always come back and you always do that time slot and this gives you a sense of confidence. You always put this time in every day.

  • This can lead to amazing results because even though on the surface it doesn’t seem like much time as the consistency makes you more disciplined.
  • You’re able to pack more in because you’re focused on a small time window.
  • Also your results tend to scale over time because you tend to do a better job as you go on.
  • You’re able to make much better decisions in a much shorter time.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many good ideas most entrepreneurs think of in the span of a day. It’s huge, but the problem is if they’re not noted down they get forgotten and you won’t be able to test them.

Also one of the most annoying things that can happen to you is that when the idea that you thought of before keep coming back when you don’t want it and you forget again but it’s already done the damage and makes you less productive. As it comes back to your mind you focus on that instead of the things you should be focusing on and then you forget it again and on and on th so deal go.

You need to document your ideas when you have them, try them out, test them and if they work incorporate them in your daily activities.


What if I told you that many people who fail in online marketing did not have to fail, they just gave up too soon. You have to understand that quitting is the only way you can fail. The game is not over until you throw in that towel. If you don’t quit you haven’t failed.

The problem is that when people work on a particularly big project and believe me, online marketing in all its forms is one of those projects they measure themselves using the wrong standards. They’ve only just got started in this process, they’ve only just started doing INSTAGRAM marketing and they look at the account and they’re not making any money. Of course they’re not making any money, they’ve only just started.

So what happens when they do this? Well, they discover it’s themselves. You are sabotaging your own success and your own passion by thinking not making money straight away is a failure. It’s not but just keep showing up and be consistent and it will happen.


Instead of immediately thinking about how much money you’ve made when you’ve just started your online business, focus instead of where you are in the process. You need to do this because otherwise it’s unfair to yourself. This way if I just put a website my measure of success would be;

  • How many pieces of content do I have up
  • How many visitors.

But what I should really be doing is going on what the process of how all my links are working, do I to have the graphics in place, have I got SEO done, are there products on there.

One of our suggestions to all of this then I’ll move on to the next part of the process. If you start an online project and you just jump straight ahead to the part where you’re collecting all the big money, you’re going to depress yourself because it’s not going to be either. You’re going to discourage yourself because obviously it doesn’t appear at the start of this process. It appears at the end of the process.


I know this sound like a crazy piece of advice, but it’s actually one of the most powerful pieces of moneymaking advice that anybody can give you.

Why? Well, like I said entrepreneurs have a lot of crazy ideas per day unfortunately a lot of them are half baked and a lot of them make all sorts of faulty assumptions and are already failure is from the beginning. So instead of getting sucked into these and draining your focus and time just explore a few. Let’s say you have like a 100 of ideas in a week, pick three that you think have the best chance of succeeding and implement them. If they work scale it up, if they don’t move on.

If you throw enough ideas out and experiment and something would work and then you can incorporate in your daily schedule.


It’s easy to get hung up on success metrics that don’t really matter. The amount of traffic you get ultimately doesn’t matter and the amount of mentions that you get on there ultimate doesn’t matter. You know what matters? “Money in your bank account.”

So how do you get that?  Well, put simply, sell more products. This is why you have to focus on conversions. This is why everything you do whether its Ad optimization, content marketing or brand information on INSTAGRAM has to focus on conversions. They should all lead to conversions or you’re doing something wrong.

If you use the tip we’ve just given you and be consistent then there’s no need for new to fail. Just remember this is a commitment, use this, turn up regularly and you can succeed.

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