November 13


Pinterest Training Video-Reverse Engineering Hack

By Richard Fairbairn

November 13, 2018

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Hi! My name is Alex Copeland and I work with Richard Fairbairn and the online success model team and this is video number eight in our PINTEREST series. Now, this one is going to show you a fantastic reverse engineering hack.

Now you know how to do all of this the right way by following what we’ve already covered in the videos. But let’s show you a hack to make sure you’ll get the best possible results by reverse engineering pins that are already working. Now, you’re going to need two sites for this;


If we come to PINTEREST and enter a search term in the top here and hit ‘Enter’ it will show all of the things that results for that search term. Now, we can scroll down here and look at the various images, titles, the text they use, the layout and just look at examples for this particular niche. Now, as you can see some are fairly basic, some are very professional looking. You can get a good idea of what’s doing well by looking at the number of pins, etcetera. To do this you just need to click through and once you click through you can see all sorts of different information.

You will also notice that when you hover an image you can see what the main name that is linked to it.


Now let’s look at the second site we can use in other to reverse engineer what’s working and what isn’t. This site is called and once it loads up you’ll see this search bar here that lets you look up different sites. So we can either enter that the main name to see all the different posts they have or we can actually click through to the article from Pinterest and look at that exact page. So let’s do that.

Now once it comes up with the results it will show you exactly how many times that content has been shared and how well it’s doing. Now you can see where most of the traffic is coming from and you can see how many times this is being repinned. If it’s good on Pinterest then it’s worth copying the idea. Don’t ever steal any of these ideas, you’ve got to do your own version of it but at least you’ve got somewhere to start from.

Now we can look at the landing page and see how that’s laid out as well and get some ideas of how people are pinning and doing well or laying out their content. Use this as an idea on how to lay out your own site.

Specific niches can be very different to another niche so you can see how the best performing ones are laid out in each different one, both on images and on landing pages. Once you have some ideas of the best images and ones that are working, a great lay out to use in order to make your own is called ‘Canva’. This is fantastic because it’s completely free and really do look great and then even gives you the dimensions of the different [02:40 Unintelligible] including Pinterest.

All you need to do is click to make a new image and then you can use your different things that you found and the different things you’ve looked at to see what works and create your own examples of these very same things. This combined with the fact you’ve looked at the landing pages and you know these are working because you’ve looked on Buzzsumo means you can start in the right place and now you’re going to be creating something that people are going to be very interested in.

As you can see this can be very powerful if you do this correctly. You already know what’s working and you’re just following in the footsteps. Just remember, don’t steal anything and always make your own content.

In the next video, now that you know all of these about Pinterest, we’re going to show you how you can make this into even more of a powerhouse with automation.

If you would like to create stunning graphics for your Pinterest account here is the link for Canva

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